Parish Meeting - 24th March, 2016 - Mon 04th April 2016

Lindy Wilson and Andy Hall sacrificed themselves and were voted in as Clerk and Chairman respectively.


Minutes recorded by Lindy Wilson Clerk

Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising. Last meetings minutes agreed as a true record

Election of Officers – Chair 2016-17 & Clerk 2016-17 Lindy Wilson was elected as Clerk. Andrew Hall was elected as Chair

To set the Village Precept for 2016-17. Proposal is for the Precept to remain at £850, as the previous year. Everyone present at the meeting agreed that precept to remain the same, Lindy to send the agreed preceept to Newark and Sherwood District Council.

Local Minerals Plan-Flash Farm Averham. Update on the current process and action required by the village. People to put objections through by the 29th March by 17:00 hours. Andrew, chair will write an example objection on behalf of the village and will also give guidance on the process to follow. Please submit individual objections by using the online reply form via and send via email to


Election Voting StationNSDC proposal to relocate the voting station to the Grange Health Studio. Propsal accepted by everyone present at the meeting; Lindy to inform Newark and Sherwood Council

Spread Eagle – Meet the landlord! Tom Rose, the new pub landlord informed us the Spread Eagle will be open mid-summer and it will provide traditional food

There is still a lot of work to be completed and the builders will be on site fultime from next week. Bottle bank is not being emptied at the present time therefore could people please not leave bottles on the floor as this is a health and safety risk. Contractor for emptying to be clarified and Tom is looking at moving the bottle bank from its current location. The wind turnbine funded the electric charging point for cars; a discussion is to be held regarding is usage and charges.

Provision of Dog Waste Bins for Hockerton. To be followed up again, we all agreed that dog owners must take responsibility for clearing their own dogs waste and that leaving waste is not acceptable for the enviroment. There is potential to arrange another litter collection in the village as rubbish is building up again around the village

Fly tipping has been seen on the road from Hockerton to Southwell, Jonathan and Andrew have agreed to arrange the removal of the fridge. If people see further evidence of fly tipping could they please contact the local council on 0300 500 80 80 to arrange for the removal of the items.

Footpath to Southwell – re-ignite a campaign? Campaign to restart again and the group orginally formed to recommence to look at a footpath from Hockerton to Southwell. Lottery funding has been approached however this is not an area they will support with funding.

Speedwatch – Spring is here. Time for another big effort? We currently have 11 people registered for speed watch, Peter Davies PSO has been contacting everyone for their details and to ensure that we are all still interested. Lindy to contact Peter Davies re any further equipment available and set up a rota to recommence speedwatch.

St Nicholas’ Church – Glass blowing studio getting closer? Expression of views was to be submitted by the 21st March 2016. Consultation was held from the 23rd/24th February re the sale of the church and there was a letter sent which objected to the proposal for selling the church, therfore there will be an inquest which will take another 3 months. There is no access or parking for the Church. Ingrid Pears who would like to purchase the Church and would also like to communicate with village members via email however as she is not a member of Hockerton Village, individual emails have not been shared. There was a suggestion that she could use the Hockerton website to show her work and plans for the church as there is a lot of support from the village regarding the sale of the church

Ingrid to be invited to one of the Parish meetings

Village website. Jonathan has created a Hockerton Village website and we had a discussion about what we would like on the website. Bin day bike ride to commence again shortly everyone is welcome. Ideas or stories should be put forward to

Currently bin day tenpin bowling and bowls everyone welcome to join in please see website for further details

Recycling ‘Register’ in Nottinghamshire. In order to use recycling centres, registration will be required from September 2016. Only two cars can be registered per property and you will require your vehicle registration number – register now at or call 0300 5008080. Registration is only open to Nottinghamshire residents

Do we want to consider using Maplebeck Village Hall? Maplebeck village hall received lottery funding for a refurbishment and they have asked if we would like to use their village hall for functions. Also there is Kirklington village hall that we could use and this may help the village merge with each other. Andrew to look at potential lottery funding for our village hall.


Any other business

Village notice board needs repairing

Vanya informed us of an event at the Hockerton Housing Project COB OVEN BUILDING WORKSHOP on the 1st April to the 4th April from 10:00 am to 16:00 hours prices £65.00 for the weekend or £95.00 for the four days – to book call 0115 888 0299 or 0791 001 5128 please see Hockerton Village website for further detail.