Village Precept - Feb 2017 - Thu 02nd February 2017

There was an incredible turn out for the Village’s rescheduled vote on the Precept proposal. It was fantastic to see some new faces in the meeting and to hear a variety of views from the 35-40 residents who filled the Village Hall.

Hockerton has to submit the Village Precept amount to NSDC this week in order for it to be implemented in the 2017-18 Council Tax figures and the proposal was to raise the village precept from £850 to £3000. The impact of the raise would lead to a Band D home’s Precept contribution changing from £10.04 to £35.34 a year whilst bringing Hockerton more in line with neighbouring villages such as Kirklington (£34.32), Upton (£33.84), Halam (£41.98) and Rolleston (£40.06).

Many ideas of how to improve Hockerton have been put forward but, without a significant number of village volunteers, none of these ambitious ideas can be achieved without an increase in the Precept being agreed upon. The insurance, heat and lighting for the village hall consumes almost 50% of the current £850 Precept so it’s easy to understand why very little has happened in the Village over recent years.

Residents heard that voting YES on the proposal of £35.34 (Band D homes) will help:-

  • Implement initiatives to encourage drivers to slow down through the village;

  • Widen our footpaths;

  • Keep our verges and hedges under control and tidy – although their were concerns about spending ‘public money’ on cutting the hedges of private homes where owners have derelicted their responsibilities;

  • Plant some flowers to bring colour and beauty to our verges;

  • Install attractive village Entry / Exit signs;

  • Install a dog poo bin and afford its maintenance fee.


With a vote of 44 FOR and 13 AGAINST, the proposal to increase the precept was overwhelmingly agreed. So, improvements to Hockerton are now possible and residents will be asked to suggest, and vote on, various improvement proposals in future Parish meetings.


If you have any suggestments that would improve the village please email our Parish Clerk, Megan Ward