Parish Precept - making Hockerton beautiful?

by Jonathan Lightbody

Parish Precept - making Hockerton beautiful?


Although the Village Precept is a tax, the great things about a village precept are that:-

  • Villagers influence how much each household pays;
  • Villagers influence how it is spent.

You can't say that about many other taxes!



19p per week - no wonder Hockerton looks like it does!


Hockerton's Precept - based on Band D households - is just £10.04 a year.... 19p a week! So it is perhaps not surprising that the village is suffering from neglect with poorly kept grass verges and hedges, narrowing footpaths, a dishevelled looking telephone box, a noticeboard removed because it had gone to ruin, walls falling down and a Village Hall that looks a sorry sight.

Compare Hockerton's precept of £10.04 with neighbouring villages:-

  • Kirklington's precept is £34.32
  • Upton £33.84
  • Halam £41.98
  • Rolleston £40.06
  • Normanton is a whopping £72.42  


It's also quite sobering to learn that Band A council tax homes in Bilsthorpe, Ollerton and Newark pay MUCH MORE than Hockerton's Band D homes do... Bilsthorpe Band A homes pay £45.53 (Band D=£68.30), Ollerton Band A households pay £80.80 (Band D=£121.20) and Newarks Band A pay £68.74 (Band D = £103.11).


The proposed 68p per week village precept will have an immediate, positive impact


There is a proposal to bring Hockerton's Precept more in line with its neighbours so we can implement some improvements to the village and begin to make Hockerton a beautiful Nottinghamshire village. Voting YES on the proposed increase to £35.34 (Band D homes) will help:-

  • Implement initiatives to encourage drivers to slow down through the village;
  • Widen our footpaths
  • Keep our verges and hedges under control and tidy
  • Plant some flowers to bring colour and beauty to our verges
  • Install attractive village Entry / Exit signs
  • Install a dog poo bin and afford its maintenance fee

All these things are immediately achievable if Hockerton's Precept proposal is accepted by villagers. Cast your vote by:-

  • Participating in the Parish meeting on Wednesday 1st Feb at 7:30pm in the Village Hall;
  • Email your vote to Megan Ward



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