Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency - Part 2 - Village Signs

by Jonathan Lightbody

Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency - Part 2 - Village Signs


For those attending the Parish meetings you'll know that Hockerton has secured funding for 2 village entry signs to replace the current aged and damaged ones. The idea being to replace those on the A617 and to consider self-funding the replacements for those on Caunton & Normanton Roads.


Here we've published the Highways Agency's recent response to Hockerton Chairman, Andy Hall's questions regarding village entry signs...


2.     Village Entrance Signs: HAMS 2404813

All Village Gateway Signs (VGS) require approval to ensure they meet relevant Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD 2016 guidance and installation requirements, and are installed in safe locations etc. 


If the VGS are to be installed fully funded by a third party (i.e. the Parish Council, other private body etc.), we only need to approve the design, location and installation specification.  However, I should add that all works undertaken in the Highway have to be carried out by suitably qualified (New Roads and Street Works Act) and insured people (£10-million public liability insurance).  Contractors meeting these requirements can apply for permission to carry out the works.


If the VGS are part funded by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Supporting Local Communities (SLC) funding scheme, the design will need to be approved by the SLC Team and the location agreed by us.  In most cases, the locations will have been suggested by the relevant Parish Council and then agreed with the County Council.  If the locations are on highway, the location will be agreed by the SLC team with the relevant District Manager to ensure they are happy with the locations.   As they are ‘village gateway signs’ they should be located close to the start of the village.  Subject to confirmation, it is likely the two locations discussed yesterday (the existing locations or alternatively adjacent to the Speed Limit Terminal Signs) would be suitable.  IF the VGS are to be installed at the speed limit  terminals, the speed limits will have to be incorporated into the signs.


The Parish Council would need to pay Via to undertake searches of Statutory Undertakers Equipment (STATS) and produce the STATS plans as these are not being part-funded by SLC.

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