Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency - Part 3 - Traffic Calming & Speed

by Jonathan Lightbody

Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency - Part 3 - Traffic Calming & Speed


Follpowing Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency, here's the Rep's response regarding:-


Part 3 - Traffic Calming:

The weblink is to NCC’s  Traffic Calming webpage that may be helpful. 


Traffic calming | Nottinghamshire County Council

Traffic calming. Traffic calming is a cost-effective method of: reducing accidents; discouraging unnecessary through traffic; reducing vehicle speeds.



As an A-classified road, I shall request Reported Personal Injury Collision (RPIC) data for the A617 Hockerton in between the two 30 mph speed limit terminal locations and write again regarding this.  Where improvements are specifically designed as Casualty Reduction Schemes (CRS), CRS that require major spending are established and prioritized through a process of investigation that amongst other information involves examination of RPIC data. 


Accordingly, the RPIC data necessarily plays an important role, as more than anything else the RPIC history (taken from police records where injuries have occurred) gives an account of what is happening, or most likely to happen, on the County’s highways. 


This is not to say that the Authority is waiting for collisions to happen, but for so long as RPIC data enable trends above the norm to be identified, the Authority is obliged to target spending in those areas where it is believed maximum benefit may be gained.  Therefore, the aim of the Authority may be interpreted as aiming to “maximally reduce” the number of casualties on the County’s highways.   I shall write again regarding this when I have the RPIC data.


Speed: HAMS 2404815

Also as discussed on site: we recently installed a number of Its 30 for a reason signs in Hockerton.  These signs are installed to transmit the 30 mph message to drivers with the best possible impact.  In this case, the signs support the two Permanent Vehicle Activated Speed Signs located on the A617 at either end of the village; and further signs were installed along Caunton Road. 


A Speed and Flow Survey was undertaken in September 2013 and  I shall request a repeat survey. I shall e-mail again as soon as is practicably possible once the information becomes available to us. I should add it may take up to 10-weeks for the survey to be undertaken, the tubes lifted and the data processed and made available. 

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