Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency - Part 4 - Verges & Bus Shelter

by Jonathan Lightbody

Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency - Part 4 - Verges & Bus Shelter


In the last of our serialisation of the Highways Agency' responses to issues raised by Hockerton Chairman, Andy Hall, here we publish the Senior Highways Liaison Officer's reponse regarding verges and a potential bus shelter in the village....


Siding-up: HAMS 2405814

Siding-up works are normally carried out following the grass growing season and verge cutting programmes.  Although several areas within Hockerton may benefit from siding-up works, the main area requiring attention would be to the embanked verge to the southeast of Sparrow Thorn and on towards the Spread Eagle Restaurant. 

As with all scheme requests, siding-up works have to be prioritized, and therefore this has been passed to the Network Inspector for inspection.  I should add that the other locations may find difficulty being prioritized to the same level. 


Bus Shelter: HAMS 2404816

The adopted highway adjacent to the bus stop terminates at the back edge of the footway, and therefore does not extend into the grassed verge area.  (I understand NCC’s Transport Services Team recently examined this location for suitability for a bus shelter, but this was denied due to the lack of available footway width and adopted highway.) 


As the verge is not adopted as public highway, we are, unfortunately, unable to give permission to site the bus shelter or any other structure on what would appear to be private land.  I should add that although there is the existing bus stop at this location, this was installed to accommodate one public service bus twice weekly, and therefore the considerations I expressed on site at the time of our meeting (reduced driver forward sightline through the bend leading to potential late breaking and rear-end collisions or the possibility of ill-judged overtaking manoeuvers leading to potential conflict with oncoming traffic etc.) would, I believe, make this  an unlikely location for a bus shelter. 

I am sorry that I am unable to write more positively regarding this: therefore I should be pleased to view other possible locations. may be in a minority here (?) but our view is that there was little to be positive about following Mike Keeling's visit; something Mike himself aluded to when wfrapping up his response:-

I am sorry that I am unable to immediately write more positively: however, I hope this information is helpful, and I shall write again as soon as is practicably possible.

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