Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency Rep - Part 1 - Overgrown Trees & Hedges

by Jonathan Lightbody

Andy Hall's meeting with the Highways Agency Rep - Part 1 - Overgrown Trees & Hedges


As you'll know from Parish Meeting Minutes or attending the Parish meetings, Andy Hall (Hockerton Parish Chairman) has recently met with a Senior Highways Liaison Officer from the Highways Agency. can now report on the outcomes of the meeting. For easier reading we serialise the points from the Highways Agency's findings:-


1.     Overgrown Vegetation: HAMS 2404811 & 2404812 – Hockerton Road and A617 respectively

As discussed: although at the time of our site meeting no hedges or trees were identified that would be considered to be a danger or immediate hazard to road users, a number of locations along the A617 and Hockerton Road were identified that will require attention following the end of Official Bird Nesting Season (1st March to 31st July – however, I should add there is increasing support for hedges to be left for a longer period of time and the NFU and RSPB advocate the end of August/ September). 

With this in mind, I believe it would prove difficult to enforce such action at this time due to the possibility of  nesting birds.  I shall, therefore, contact identified adjacent property owners / tenants before the end of this nesting season (June /July), and request attention is given to reduce the vegetation following nesting. 


For your information, I have attached a leaflet regarding clearance distances above the footway and carriageway that initially will be delivered to the affected properties.

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