Latest Planning Proposal - view on NSDC website

by Jonathan Lightbody

Latest Planning Proposal - view on NSDC website

Richard Craven-Smith-Milnes' latest planning proposal can be seen in the documents below and on Newark & Sherwood's website:-  The planning number is 17/02139/OUT

At the last Parish meeting it was decided to not support the previous proposal but to try to engage in negotiations to get a better deal for the village. Mr CSM's offer for land which could be used to extend the village hall and create oudoor amenities was appreciated although it was felt that he could offer more in return for support from residents and in order for the village to be included in the planning submission.

Increasing the size and facilities within the current village hall is seen as a key issue within this development and it is hoped by some residents that Mr CSM's plans will include the building of an extension as well as the provision of land for outdoor space, including the parking he's already offered. It is hoped that it will be incumbent on any prospective developer to build the village hall extension as part of the whole development.

Current Parish Chairman, Andy Hall, has been in negotations with Mr CSM's architect but it remains to be seen whether Andy will continue these talks once he's stepped down as Chairman; or whether the incoming Chairman will take over negotations. 

Residents' comments are welcomed, please add your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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