SHOCK - £500 for every Hockerton household or business

by Jonathan Lightbody

SHOCK - £500 for every Hockerton household or business


Sustainable Hockerton is again offering upto £500 per property (domestic or business) for insulation of walls, roofs/lofts or underfloor. Or households can continue to claim up to £200 for insulated blinds and curtains. This is to thank the village for hosting the wind turbine, to help develop the sustainability of its buildings and to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.


Further details can be found here: There is a bit more small print than previous rounds!

So, if you're planning any of the following; get your application to SHOCK in too!

  • loft insulation
  • 5 households put their funds together towards a shared solar PV system
  • switching to LED lights
  • thermally-lined curtains and blinds
  • water efficient shower heads
  • water butts


We are also hoping to help people with draughts around doors and windows. If anyone is interested in having a thermal picture* of their home taken, with follow up help and practical assistance in draught-proofing, please contact  (*these are those rainbow coloured photos, they help show where heat is escaping from a building)".

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  • Vince Baker:

    18 Apr 2017 18:09:02

    A big thank you , since we moved into the village nearly 2 years ago , we were met with a very warm and friendly welcome. We have used the fund twice now, once for some thermal lined curtains for our old patio doors. These helped reduce the draft and the loss of heat which is always a good sign enabling us to turn our heating down a degree or two.
    The second we put towards replacing all the old windows with more energy efficient ones , reducing heat loss and stemming noise pollution.
    As they say “every little helps”
    Thanks again
    Vince & Ravi