Fibre - an update

by Jonathan Lightbody

Fibre - an update


According to OpenReach, if you check, you'll see Hockerton is still 1 month away from getting fibre. Don't believe a word of it! It's been stating that since before Christmas 2017...


So, here's an update received last week from Better Broadband, courtesy of Hockerton resident Caroline Bradford:-

We have been informed by Openreach that the issue with this cabinet is a live to live connection process. Openreach need to move the existing subscribers from one live cabinet to another. And Open Reach is obliged to give all internet service providers 60 days’ notice for the down time required to carry out the migration and as a consequence the cab is locked down until such time as the migration is complete. Following the migration process complete, the commissioning will take place therefore I am hesitating to give you a timeframe for go live. I will of course provide you with further updates as and when they become available.

Also we are just about to sign a new contract with BT for further modelling for the remaining premises in Newark&Sherwood and Bassetlaw Districts and 38 additional premises in Hockerton  will be served from an FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) structure as part of this deployment plan. However Contract 3 is the early stages and would be at least 12 months before a solution could be deployed.


Thank you for your continued patience regarding this matter.

Ceren Clulow: Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire Team

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