Fibre - IT'S HERE!

by Jonathan Lightbody

Fibre - IT'S HERE!

Hockerton's Parish Clerk, Jonathan, today finally received the answer we've all been waiting for... FIBRE IS IN HOCKERTON.



Openreach have confirmed that the new cabinet Southwell 17 is serving 59 households in postcodes:
NG250PN, NG250PP, NG250PL, NG250PH, NG250PW, NG250PJ, NG250QU, NG250WA, NG250QT

Also Openreach have signed a new contract with BT for further modelling for the remaining premises in Newark & Sherwood and Bassetlaw Districts and remaining 38 premises in Hockerton will be served from an FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) structure as part of this deployment plan. However Contract 3 is the early stages and would be at least 12 months before a solution could be deployed


So, if you're one of these postcodes and you'd like to upgrade your tortoise-speed-broadband to superfast fibre, you can now contact your service provider and start enjoying faster music and film download speeds, faster internet connections and all sorts of goodies that fibre promises.



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  • Lindy wilson:

    30 Apr 2018 13:51:13

    Open Reach is obliged to give all internet service providers 60 days’ notice for the down time required to carry out the migration and as a consequence the cab is locked down until such time as the migration is complete. Do we know if this has happened, last time I spoke to the engineer working on the box he informed me that a different engineer needs to switch it on? Thanks Lindy