Fancy becoming a Councillor?

by Jonathan Lightbody

Fancy becoming a Councillor?


If you've ever thought about becoming a Councillor, or wondered what a Councillor does, then these events may be just what you're looking for....


During Local Democracy Week 2018 these events have been put together to raise the profile and role of councillors and encourage members of the public who might be thinking about standing for election to find out more about what the role entails.

The events will take place as follows:
Friday 19th October at Newark Library 5-7 pm
Beaumond Gardens, Baldertongate NG24 1UW

Tuesday 23rd October at Ollerton Library 5-7 pm
Forest Road, New Ollerton NG22 9PL

The events will consist of presentations to provide more information on how one can become a councillor, what commitment the role involves and some live input from some of our members, detailing how they came into their roles and what their motivations and aims are as councillors.

The presentations will then be followed by either a question and answer session, or an opportunity to chat on an individual level with the councillors who are present.

The events focus on why people became councillors – their desire to make changes and their passion for their local communities. We don’t want to use the campaign as a vehicle for promoting any one particular political party.

for more info, NSDC have set up a microsite called Thinking of Becoming a Councillor?





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