Revised planning application for corner of A617 and Normanton Rd

by Jonathan Lightbody

Revised planning application for corner of A617 and Normanton Rd


Hockerton's Parish response has been submitted as an "Objection" to this planning proposal.

The Parish response for the second proposal 19/01561/FUL is to be submitted before Wednesday 18th; currently the vote stands at 14 Objections and 10 of Support. To cast your vote for the Parish, please email, or submit your personal view via Newark & Sherwood's website.

Previously having permission for 2 dwellings, the site on the corner of Normanton/Hockerton Rd & the A617 was subject to a revised planning application for a larger dwelling.



Details can be viewed here: under the reference 19/01482/FUL but some documents can be viewed by clicking the blue bottons.

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  • Jonathan:

    10 Sep 2019 11:06:13

    From the votes received to the Parish clerk, the Parish objected to this planning proposal with these votes cast:-
    Object = 12 + Chairman
    Support = 5
    Abstain = 1

    On Friday (submission deadline day, there was 1 more vote for support).

  • Jack Hammond:

    10 Sep 2019 11:31:10

    We thought it may be worth while sharing our thoughts in the hope of alleviating any concerns in the community. Therefore please find my response below

    1. far too large for the development

    •Great consideration has been given when scaling the development to ensure that it is fully complimentary and proportionate to the plot size
    •The first plot has been designed such that a proportional isolated space between the boundary wall and main house can be re-imagined into providing an architecturally exciting elevation

    2. are likely to cause a problem with access

    •The new access to the first plot will use the natural thoroughfare between the trees. Plenty of space is available to provide safe ingress and egress without any chance of stacking
    •Access to the rectory barn sharing access with the second plot will be unimpeded, furthermore discussions have been held with the idea of improving the current arrangement

    3. water run off is a concern

    •All water run-off is set to be caught in underground tanks that can re-utilise the water to further minimise the environmental impact of each house
    •The tank sizes are specified such that they are capable of storing enough water for on-demand use whilst also mitigating overflow during heavy downpours

    4. so is the boundary wall (concerns it’ll fall over)

    •This is something we are currently monitoring and managing to ensure it remains strong for many more years to come
    •We consider the wall significantly important to the site and want to ensure any restoration only enhances its charm.
    •There is a portion of the northern wall that we believe may require re-building but feel any such work must be carried out with the greatest respect

    5. The large house is bigger than the Manor which, in many residents minds is strange because a Manor is historically the largest in a village

    •This should not be the case, estimations based on the most recent accepted application show the Manor has an internal floor space of approximately 714m2 excluding garages and attached outbuilding. Plot-1 in comparison is 25% smaller including its garages
    •Our design has been carefully considered from every angle to ensure the elevations respect and benefit the current and future heritage of the village

    Again we do appreciate any and all feedback, as we want to work with and not against our future neighbours in Hockerton.