Hockerton Village Hall - back in action!

by Jonathan Lightbody

Hockerton Village Hall - back in action!

The memory of Hockerton village hall's last event may be distant, but it should be a good one - hosting a community BBQ, drinks and fun as we watched Geraint Thomas and others speed through Hockerton on their Tour of Britain, over 15 months ago. A few days later when tidying up the hall, our Parish Clerk, Jonathan fell through the damp and rotten floor! Thankfully it hadn't been someone else during the party... [See previous article on hockerton.com]


During the intervening months Jonathan and Parish Chairman Andy Hall have secured over £16,000 of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) payments, some grant funding from SHOCK (thank you Sustainable Hockerton) and some advice from Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust as they attempted to prevent community decline in Hockerton. 

With wider grant funding proving timeconsuming and an arduous process (we visited Wellow village hall which took 8yrs to complete with grant funding and researched a number of funding options), Andy and Jonathan embarked upon a renovation project to bring new life to this sorry little old shool room. 


With thanks to "Handy Andy" Hall who has worked tirelessly on the hall whilst also project managing the chosen construction company, The Chameleon Group, the hall is now completed - and in National Village Hall celebration week - and ready to host Parish meetings and community events. It's a cute little building that's been given a new lease of life. 


The schedule of works has included:-

  • rebuilding of the dwarf walls supporting the floor;
  • under floor insulation installed;
  • replacement floor installed;
  • new skirting and architrave;
  • new carpet;
  • new rear door;
  • new interior doors;
  • new cupboards and work surface;
  • renovated and repainted windows;
  • new window blinds;
  • renovated and hung display / notice cabinets;
  • insulated roof space;
  • electrics checked and renewed where required;
  • outdoor area landscaped, weed protected and covered with attractive green slate to create useable community event space;
  • new comfy meeting chairs;
  • a new vacuum cleaner
  • a much needed dehumidifier;
  • exterior solar lighting;
  • and a fabulous new oak front door

On January 30th, the village hall hosts its first Parish meeting since August 2018 and there will be a schedule of Parish meetings published shortly. 

Many thanks go to SHOCK (Sustainable Hockerton) for their funding support, to "Handy Andy" Hall, to Lee Freeley of The Chameleon Group and to Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust. 

Let's now enjoy this cute little space and make the most of it!





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